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You've Been Saving The World Whilst Getting Drunk!

Whether you know it or not, all of you who have been knocking back our little Moose shots this season have actually been saving the planet! That’s right, you’ve been an environmental warrior all season just by getting drunk!

This year Moose has teamed up with the Sumatran Orangutan Society (SOS) to ensure that for every Moose that is sold, a tree will be planted in forests in Sumatra. The SOS state that it exists to ‘protect not only Orangutans but also their forest, habitat and futures.’ With the deforestation in Sumatra driven by industries like farming, mining, timber trades and the need for palm oil in a wide range of products, it is important that organisations like SOS are doing something to protect the habitats of these ‘critically endangered’ animals, all others who share these habitats and the forests themselves for their massive environmental importance.

The SOS highlight that the loss of habitats is far from the only problem with the loss of forests in Sumatra and that rising temperatures and massive release of carbon into the atmosphere is not only ‘one of the biggest drivers of climate change’ but would also result in areas of local flooding ‘destroying all manner of natural balances’ but also far wider reaching problems.

Moose’s goal with conservation as one of its core belief is to plant as many as 200,000 trees to add to the roughly 1,647,853 that SOS has already planted by December 2019.

So, what have you done to help?

To all of you Moose lovers, this season you guys have planted 48,967 trees this season! It is a crazy achievement whether you knew you were doing it or not, so well done you wonderful group of partiers!

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