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New kind of Party : we are preparing for a winter full of new and exciting things!

Mis à jour : 5 nov. 2020

Are you scared of a slow winter? Don’t panic, as you favourite Après Ski will be there. Cocorico Val d’Isère & Tignes has from day one put the bar high when it comes to brining you the best atmosphere and parties, and the team will adapt these skills to health measures to continue providing their customers with a unique experience, in complete safety. Live groups, artist performances, DJ's, festive atmosphere and quality food: the fundamentals of Cocorico will always be there, accompanied by many new products.

“As a business owner, it might have been easier to shut down completely this winter. But we could not abandon our team or our customers. And giving up in times of difficulty is not what we do” – Aurélie Bonnevie explains, creator of Cocorico , when asked to approach the winter season 2020/21 of its establishments. Cocorico - Val d'Isère (2014) and Cocorico - Tignes (2018) has put the après-ski scene on fire in the French alps, to the delight of life-lovers. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the party will unavoidably be different, but don't worry, it will continue to be in full swing in the heart of the Tignes-Val d'Isère ski area. First element to take into account: the Alps makes up of hundreds of square kilometres and the Cocorico establishments do not lack space to ensure social distancing, especially when everything is done outdoors! In accordance with current regulations, all Cocorico guests will remain seated. It will not be possible to dance on the tables, but the atmosphere will still be there and the live music will continue to perform on the stages, located at the foot of Solaise, in Val d'Isère, and in Val Claret, in Tignes. “Our DJ's will also be present, the musical atmosphere will perhaps be a little more chilled than usual, but the fundamentals that makes Cocorico so successful will of course be there.” – Aurélie Bonnevie reassures, who has worked hard with her teams to prepare for this very special season. Among the measures put in place to be able to party in complete safety, the circulation plans have been studied in detail, the hydro-alcoholic gel will be present and everyone's temperature will be taken on arrival, before the atmosphere gets everyone too hot! For those who manages to loose their masks during the final run you will be able to find a “Made in France” Cocorico Mask. "When our name is Cocorico and we defend French know-how, there is no chance of distributing masks made in China”, Proclaims Aurélie Bonnevie on this subject, more than ever eager to show the best that our country has to offer: its art of living and its creativity! If we can therefore continue to sing without losing our voice, wearing a mask will be strictly compulsory throughout the establishment. No worries though, the members of the Cocorico staff do not think they are cowboys or police officers from the anti-gang squad! It is with a big smile that they will enforce the wearing of a mask, like all health measures.

Just like prior winters you will rediscover the “Chic Fooding” spirit of Cocorico, articulated around its famous “pizza romana al taglio”. E si, buonissimmaaaaaa! Entirely homemade with organic flour, the Cocorico pizza is unique and in itself deserves the trip to Tignes or to Val d'Isère, where it will make its arrival this year. New amazing recipes are arriving this winter. Enjoy a crunchy pizza and a good beer overlooking the snowy mountains of Tignes and Val’disère, this is pure happiness. Our homemade panini menu is as full of love as the pizzas, allowing everyone to find something to regain their strength after hitting the slopes. Among the news, you will discover a unique cocktail menu. "The Cocorico experience will change a little this year, we are preparing surprises for you, including the cocktail menu ", smiles Aurélie Bonnevie, who spoke with various consultants in order to adapt the overall offer of her establishments. This somewhat different experience also translates into modified time slots. In Tignes, we will be able to have a coffee on the Cocorico terrace as soon as the ski area opens and, as for the night owls, they will be able to prolong the pleasure until 2 am in Val d'Isère. "We will do everything. make everyone feel good. In today's environment, people need to have fun. Our work and our commitment is to allow them to do so in complete safety, ”concludes the boss of Cocorico . The party will obviously be different this winter, but we won’t stop to live. The Show Must Go On!

Cocorico Tignes, from 9 am to 8 pm Cocorico Val d’Isère, from 11.30 am to 2 am

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