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Many of you who have skied over to Tignes Val Claret will have noticed the new kid in town or maybe you’ve just heard the rumblings of thunder from the other side of the mountain but either way, Cocorico’s big, bouncing baby brother has taken Tignes by storm and if you’re hungry, he’s got what you need!

Pizza has come to town in a big way and my god is it good, served from 11:00 until 20:00 every day! So think about it maybe you can pop in for just a quick bite for lunch before hopping on Lanches and tearing down the Grande Motte with a belly full of goodness!

Maybe you are swinging in at 15:00 for happy hour and those 2 for 1 beers would be falling on an empty stomach? No worries, grab a couple of slices and set them up next to you beverage stock pile!

Or maybe after shaking your thing all night on the tables you’ve burned too many calories? I know, no one wants that! So grab a slice or two just before you head home to make that walk back to the pad just a little bit better!

Whatever way you choose to enjoy Cocorico’s latest blessing, make sure you do; because if there is one thing we know as well as how to party, it’s that if you put cheese on dough and smash it in the oven there’s not a lot that can go wrong, but with our trained pizza chefs, you can make magic!

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