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Closing Party Time!

Well we have come to the end of another amazing season full of the best table dancing, toffee vodka drinking, boogie till you can’t stand parties in the alps! First of all a massive thank you to everyone who has been a part of making this season incredible, from the staff behind the bar who kept the drinks flowing to all of you who kept the staff behind the bar busy; it has definitely been one to remember!

We’ve seen it all this year; loud and proud costumes, funky dance moves, stage dives, questionable guests on the stage with the bands and everything in between! The once lonely Cocos now has a big sister in Tignes which has also seen some of the craziest parties since we began and delivered some of the best mountain pizza this side of the Italian boarder! (seriously that pizza is really good)

With all of this behind us it is hard to imagine topping it all but tomorrow, Wednesday 17th April 2019, we are going to party harder than ever! We want to see all those familiar faces from the season and everyone else who just fancies getting loose going crazy for one more time this season!

Go wild with the French theme, whether it be painting the Tricolour all over yourself to committing only to mime for the entire evening, it’s up to you! just go mad!

There will be booze, there will be tunes and my god will there be good vibes flying gauche, droite et centre so be there and be a part of giving Cocos the send of it deserves for another year!

A demain mes amis xx

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