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The countdown is well and truly on! Before long there will be booties being shaken on tables, fire shooting from the roof and luscious flowing rivers of beer peche; Coco’s is waking up from its six month slumber and the sound of thunder is looming on the horizon! So for those unfamiliar with the piste party world of Cocorico, what should you expect upon the opening of this institution of inebriation?

Pints, pints and more pints!

The beer taps at coco’s are always flowing keeping you thirsty bunch of mountain dwellers well lubricated! Whether it’s peche, citron or just the good old fashioned el classico that keeps your hips moving on the dance floor, rest assured we have plenty of it! For the more die hard of the après bunch, there is two for one on beer between 2 and 4 o’clock, so sacrificing that last run or two of the day could be the perfect way to build up a small stock pile of those precious pints (or large) and set yourself up for the madness to come!

Tables don’t give you altitude sickness!

If there is one thing that screams après above anything else, it’s the chorus of ski boots stamping on tabletops! And yeh, it’s ok, get up there! Do you think we put them there for people to put drinks on? Don’t be ridiculous, that’s not what tables are for! So if you don’t think your retro jacket is getting enough attention or you feel your moves need to be shared with the world; get up on that table, shake that thing your mumma gave ya and do your very best not to fall off!

Pink wine makes you feel fine!

Don’t be fooled by the volume of that sweet hoppy goodness moving across the bar; it is not the only fuel keeping the dance floor alive! Whether your poison be grape or grain, we’ve got the motion for your ocean! Of course normal bottles can go down a little too fast so it might be an idea to upgrade to, I don’t know, a six-litre bottle? It may seem absurd but there is nothing quite like wondering around in ski boots carrying a massive bottle of rosé over your shoulder like a bazooka and throwing down toffee vodka like its going out of fashion. Of course, you can’t forget the moose as well! These tiny bottles of organic, hang over free goodness made their way to Val last year and in true Coco’s fashion, hundreds of these babies flew over the bar!

Music, sweet music!

Now Coco’s would not be Coco’s without those tunes that are more capable of getting girls on tables than a game of the floor is lava! There are throwback bangers, slightly newer bangers and all the other bangers! (you see what I’m getting at here; enough bangers to keep a butcher busy for a year!) Never before has there been such an eclectic mix of sing alongs since Disney released a ‘Now That’s What I Call Music’ CD! If the notion of consistent boogie anthems isn’t enough, there are also live bands every day (yes every day!) from 4 until 6; so don’t you worry your little cotton socks, the feet they are on won’t have a chance to stop moving!

So I’m not trying to say that we are the best bar in Val. I’m not trying to say that we are the best après ski in Val. I’m not even trying to say that we are the best party in the Alps! But hey, all I’m trying to say is, if you like booze, boogie, big buts that don’t lie and potentially other brothers that can’t deny, we’ve got something for you!

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