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Callum’s tips to being smart at Cocos

Now we all love a bit of aprés ski and when the sun starts shining and the drinks start flowing, there is little that can stop the party!

Some may be put off by the queue at the bar but be aware, there are many things you little party animals can do to make sure that the wait time will be less, you’ll have more fun and you will also have a much happier bartender!

So, here we go!

1. Order all your drinks at once

Now for those of you who think we can’t count to ten, think again! If you can rememberer your order so can we; in fact, we can remember yours and four others so please don't order your drinks one at a time. There is not much that is more frustrating for a bartender than returning to the same customer for the third separately ordered gin and tonic! We are smarter than you might think you know!

2. Know your order

Now if you are going to tell us how long you have been waiting, please make sure that it is followed by a concise drinks order; if you have been waiting for apparently ten minutes (which is very rare) please make sure that you have spent it looking at the menu and deciding on what you want to drink. If the bar is busy it is only going to slow everyone down if we have to wait another three minutes for you to make up your mind!

3. We don't serve cocktails… sorry!

4. Top yourself up!

This goes for all you modern folks with your Monzo, Revolut and similar cards. So they are pretty cool, it doesn’t matter what currency you are paying in and they notify you when you spend on them, very smart money management; but please for the love of all that is holy, make sure you have topped it up before you reach the bar! We know it is easy to have a few more shots than expected but it is nothing but trouble when the bar is four deep for than for you to have to log into your app and transfer funds! Precious seconds waisted where you could be getting on a table and we could be serving someone else!

5. You don't need to hold up the bar, it’s pretty strong

So it gets pretty crazy in Cocos and sometimes the horde of partying individuals can seem daunting to delve back into once you've got your drink but please don't stand at the bar with a group of six of you! It is hard enough to get to the bar; no one wants the whole of the dance floor trying to order a drink in one three meter wide section of the bar as the rest is occupied.

6. Backpacks make you larger

Now this may seem like a ridiculous thing to say but it is amazing how difficult it is to get to the bar when you are trying to squeeze past someone with a full backpack with eight helmets, a shovel, maybe some jerry tins strapped to the side! You are going to apres, not going camping, if you have a backpack find a safe place to put it near your mates; there is no reason to be attempting to dance with your life on your back.

7. The glasses are for drinking from, not for throwing!

We cannot stress this one enough! Ok so you want to show your friends how far you can throw, but maybe try a snowball on the piste! The glasses may be made of plastic but you would be surprised the damage they can do; we want you to have a good time, not to have to put stitches in peoples heads! Party hard but throw less!

Above all else though, get loose, have a good time and for God sake get up on those tables!

C xx

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